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Cancelled – Monkey Muster VI 2018

Hey Gang!

Well, we’ll get to the point on this. News and rumors have trickled down the grapevine over the last day or two, so here is the deal: We have had to cancel Monkey Muster VI 2018.

Now most of you know us, and know that we take Monkey Muster and the reasons behind holding it very seriously.

Monkey Muster has a special place in our hearts not only because it is one of the most unique and awesome events in the knife industry (in our opinions, at any rate), but also because the Muster was always built around supporting Fisher House. Fisher House, for those that don’t know, is a charity organization that supports the families of sick and wounded service members with housing and other aid. When our fearless monkey leader Brady was in the Navy, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. When Brady was was in the hospital and stuck out of state away from home and family for years longer than he was supposed to, Fisher House got his family to him. He eventually got fixed up, became the world’s most renown male model/extreme sports enthusiast/Chipotle aficionado, and life went on.

Well, the best part about Crohn’s Disease is that it always comes back at some point. Not to bore anyone with the details, but it’s back and surgery is needed for the fix. The good news is that the recovery should not be too bad, and once done will make Brady like superman or something! On an unrelated level, we have scheduled pizza parties and corporate retreats to Disneyland while he’s out. The bad news is that, since the procedure needs to happen sooner rather than later, the recovery period falls right smack dab when Muster VI was due to happen.

Now you know us; we don’t back down from a challenge. We have the whole Muster thing pretty much dialed in at this point, and we could hold the event without Brady being involved. But in reality, the event means too much to Brady and is too big of a part of him to be able to sit it out. Just like telling grandpa he can’t get behind the wheel anymore, the tough call had to be made because Brady can’t get involved with the Muster this year for his own good. The effort of preparing and having the event and his inevitable involvement would take its toll on Brady, and that can’t happen. We like our jobs, and don’t really feel like trying to find new ones, so we told him we’d duct tape him to light pole if he tried to get involved. #monkeymutiny

Without Brady though, there really is no Monkey Muster. Therefore, Monkey Muster was no-go this year.

The important takeaway on that is the “this year” part. There is definitely going to be a Monkey Muster VI in April 2019. We are going to do it bigger and better than ever before! Brady is already talking fire and real monkeys in addition to booze, blades, music and more… What could go wrong?

We want to thank everyone for their continued support of the Muster, which has become something more incredible than we ever thought it would be. We will see you next year for Muster VI 2019, and we promise there will be more shenanigans than ever! Also, feel free to stop by for the pizza parties and come to Disneyland with us. #justkiddingbrady #forrealsthoughdisneylandandpizza

-Monkey Edge Crew


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