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Primate Express Card Secrets

Not long into the awesome Mummert Knives Debt Slasher project, folks started noticing that more than just the design and names on each month’s release were changing. The truth is, on top of the killer designs that the Monkey Crew and Mummert comes up with, there are a lot of fun little secret messages and hidden codes within the individual card details. Some are easy to figure out, and some are incredibly tough to decipher. Some cards have fun little inside jokes for the crew, and others are themed towards the specific card being released!

With a few releases under our belts, we wanted to let everyone in on some of the details hidden inside some of our favorite designs:



January 2019 – Classic AMEX Gold Card Design
Cardholder Name: Simia Rabidus – Latin for “Mad Monkey”
Card Number: 3338 230411 17295 – [MEANING CLASSIFIED]
Security Code: 4838 – Street Address Number for Monkey HQ







February 2019 – Classic AMEX Gold Card Design
Cardholder Name: Macaco Feroz – Portugese for “Fierce Monkey”
Card Number: 3346 496600 00001 – [MEANING CLASSIFIED]
Security Code: 2716 – [MEANING CLASSIFIED]







March 2019 – Classic AMEX Platinum Card Design
Cardholder Name: Boser Affe – German for “Bad Monkey”
Card Number: 3338 230411 17295 – [MEANING CLASSIFIED]
Security Code: 0319 – Reoccurring code format for Edition number, Month + Year (MMYY)








May 2019 – Delta SkyMiles Card Design
Cardholder Name: Acuta Tacitum – Latin for, roughly, “Sharp and Secret
Card Number: 3788 646173 93139 – Cipher translates to “May19”








June 2019 – Classic AMEX Platinum Card Design
Cardholder Name: Velmi Zaludny – Czech for “Very Sneaky”
Card Number: 3788 6659773 56798 – Cipher translates to “MNKYSRFKNSWT’









Black Card – Edition #1
Cardholder Name:  Legio Ex Simiis – Latin for roughly “The Legion of the Apes”
Card Number: 3514 202218 91514 – Cipher translates to “Centurion”
Security Code: 0100 – Black Card edition number 1 in ‘Centuries’







July  2019 – AMEX ‘Simply Cash’ Buisness Card
Cardholder Name: Aldrig Uden – Danish for “Never Without”
Card Number: 3967 838010 49677 – Latitude + Longitude roughly for original Chipotle location (We got a thing for Chipotle)








August 2019 – AMEX Business Gold Card
Cardholder Name: Apa Kostym – Swedish for “Monkey Suit”
Card Number: 3176 384567 96836 – Cipher translates to “Damn Dirty Monkey”









September 2019 – Iconic AMEX Business Plus Card Design
Cardholder Name: Benjamin Nanna – Oronym for “Banana”. Ben Nanna. Benanna, get it?
Card Number: 3297 211411 41191 – Cipher translates to “Big Bananas!”








October 2019 – Amex ‘Simply Cash’ Buisness Card
Cardholder Name: Frederick K Rueger – ‘Oronym for “Freddy Krueger”. Frederick, Freddy. K Rueger, Krueger.
Card Number: 3185 516253 18323 – Cipher translates to “Creepy Crew!”








November 2019 – Old School AMEX Card Design
Cardholder Name: Mort Urkie – Oronym for “More Turkey”
Card Number: 3486 591666 53970 – Cipher translates to “Chunky Monkeys”









December 2019 – Based Off AMEX Green Card Design
Cardholder Name: J McClane – Everyone’s favorite barefooted cop
Card Number: 3405 528211 84128 – Longitude/Latitude for Nakatomi Plaza (extending to the card’s ‘member number’)









Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the fun behind the cards! While we have a nice little internal document that tracks all of the Primate Express and Simia card codes and details, we figure it would be more fun for those that are on the hunt and who like to try to solve each month’s mysteries if we left some editions out (for now). Keep on the lookout for upcoming Debt Slasher editions so you can try to crack the code! Who knows, we might even offer up a challenge in the future revolving around a future card’s code, so stay tuned!


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  1. Eric says:

    I am dying to know the remaining Primate Express card decoded meanings!

  2. 3V4ME says:

    Please post the 2020 cards and meanings, would love to know those also.

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