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How to Shoot Photos the Monkey Way – Part I – An Introduction and “The Rules”

Light Science and Magic Book Cover

I get asked a ton about the pictures on Monkey Edge (how I shoot them, equipment, etc) which is flattering, and a bit embarrassing at the same time. Truth is, 5 years ago, I knew not a single thing about photography. Like most folks, I had a decent camera, shot in auto mode, and had the big light box thingie with some constant on lights. Getting from “there” to “here” was a long, frustrating, expensive, process. Hopefully, this series will make it less so to anybody that is going down the same path.

Whether this series helps an enthusiast, a knife maker, or even a competing retailer, I am still happy to do it. Those that pretend that photography is a series of secrets or something are just assholes. I have made the analogy that photography is like being a chef: a master chef can take a person in and show them the recipe, show them the tools, and even show them how to prepare a dish, and it will still be a TON of work and learning before the person can even begin to approach the quality that the master chef has. By the way, I don’t consider myself…
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Starlingear Ring Sizing Guide

Starlingear Three Ring Sizes

If you are new to the world of Starlingear, it can be a bit overwhelming (especially as it pertains to the rings and sizing). First, there are all the ‘in house’ terms, lingo, etc that are used. Secondly, because Starlingear only makes hand crafted goods with many of those being larger than you may be used to ordering, understanding sizing can be an issue.

In this article, we will try to distill it all down for ya with a nice bow on top to take some of that confusion out of ordering your Starlingear goodness!

Trunk Show Tag-a-Long: In Japan with Starlingear – Part I


For years I have seen the pictures, videos, and heard the stories of Starlingear’s popularity in Japan and the legendary “Trunk Shows”. When Ryk called and said “Yo Brady, you want to go to Japan with us to check things out?”, I was already packing my bags!

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