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The State of the EDGE

Hey Gang! The Monkey Crew has been working on some pretty big things behind the scenes, and it is time to share a few details!


Slated for launch in the not-to-distant future is the NEW Monkey Edge Website! We have been migrating to a new site, full of awesome features and a rad new design. While there is still a lot of work to be done, and we expect a few bumps along the road as we transition over to the new platform, we are exited with the new possibilities in bringing a more streamlined, robust and modern experience to our customers. Things will feel familiar for all of our veteran Monkey pals while being easy to navigate for newcomers, with some fresh new paint, more information to learn from and more curated content.

While we are trying to not have TOO many changes in organization and policies, there will be some things that are changing and going away. Most only affect a small amount of our customers, but one of the changes that affects many is that we are not migrating customer accounts. When the new site goes live and the current ‘legacy’ site goes offline, you will have to make a new account. This means no order history, no addresses, etc, will be making the jump. This is something we have personally been subject to from our own accounts on sites we frequent, both on the “migrate user data” side and the “don’t migrate data” side. In the end, we think the best course of action is to start with fresh accounts, and clear out all the old ones that were defunct and caused issues from time to time for users. Less ‘old’ stuff carried over means a lot less bugs and issues on the user end to try to figure out.

We are telling folks this now, so you have time to log in and get any past order history info you wish. Most folks will not really be affected by this, but we know some like to keep records so we want to give you a change to snag your details now before they are gone!

One small but important note is that even though our user list is not coming over, our ‘bad’ lists are. So all the people we have weeded out and kicked off the site for breaking the rules and trying to cheat our limited release systems, etc, will still be ‘out’. No sense in making more competition for the folks who play by the rules!

While he do not have an exact ETA for the launch, we are pushing forward for the main core experience to happen #soon! So, we would not dilly dally on getting any info you want off of the site!


A LOT of folks have been asking about Monkey Muster (rightfully so), and we have not had much to share on that front. While we still don’t have a ton to talk about, we wanted to touch on this briefly so there is information straight from the Monkey’s mouth.

As it sits right now, there will be no in-person Muster this year. We are not going to go into ALL the gritty details for this decision, but in a nutshell, there are some factors that had to be taken into account:

  • The 2022 major knife show schedule.
  • Industry-wide challenges with production and supply.
  • Our own workforce demands with the upcoming site launch.

Basically, we asked ourselves, “can we guarantee an amazing experience to offer to our guests, on par or surpassing the past Monkey Muster events (in terms of entertainment, exclusive gear, and shenanigans), while still raising a ton of money for the Fisher House?” After much thinking, deliberation and comms with everyone involved, the unfortunate answer was “no”. Because of that, we are not going to hype and hold a half-assed event that people are going to spend time and money to travel to, ultimately to not meet expectations. We have been to lame shows, and Monkey Muster is NOT a lame show. Again, some of the factors are very nuanced, but we do not want to let you down by letting you spend your time and hard earned money to come to a bad party.

So what does that mean? Well, for starters, we are not short-term thinkers. Is the lack of in-person Muster a kick in the shorts to us? Yes. It is always the coolest event on the planet in our eyes, and is very important to us for many reasons, and we have a slew of amazing makers that are chomping at the bits to get back to the Muster! It just is not the right play, just now. But do not make the mistake of thinking we have given up – FAR from it. Like we said before, we don’t have a ton of details to talk about, but like everyone’s favorite clandestine secret agent…

Monkey Muster will return.

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! Thanks for taking the time to slog through our ramblings, and PLEASE reach out to us with any questions!


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