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News From the Edge
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Welcome to News From the Edge! Here’s where you’ll get the inside scoop from Monkey Edge on the knife and gear world. We get a ton of emails with questions on knives and gear, and being the sharp crew that we are, we figured we would start putting out as much information in this blog as our little brains will allow. Stay tuned here for technical information, how-tos, interviews, reviews, insane rants, and whatever else we can come up with.

Primate Express Card Secrets

Not long into the awesome Mummert Knives Debt Slasher project, folks started noticing that more than just the design and names on each month’s release were changing. The truth is, on top of the killer designs that the Monkey Crew and Mummert comes up with, there are a lot of fun little secret messages and hidden codes within the individual card details. Some are easy to figure out, and some are incredibly tough to decipher. Some cards have fun little inside jokes for the crew, and others are themed towards the specific card being released!

With a few releases under our belts, we wanted to let everyone in on some of the details hidden inside some of our favorite designs:



January 2019 – Classic AMEX Gold Card Design
Cardholder Name: Simia Rabidus – Latin for “Mad Monkey”
Card Number: 3338 230411 17295 – [MEANING CLASSIFIED]
Security Code: 4838 – Street Address Number for Monkey HQ







February 2019 – Classic AMEX Gold Card Design
Cardholder Name: Macaco Feroz – Portugese for “Fierce Monkey”
Card Number: 3346 496600…
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The 2019 Starlingear Halloween Limited Edition!

Straight outta some haunted New England forest comes:
The Woodsman

Each year we wait to see what creation Ryk Maverick has cooking as he keeps the ring design a secret (even to us) until the reveal. The Woodsman is one of his most intricately carved creations yet with. That intricately carved vine is a separate piece that is painstakingly attached to the sterling silver ring.


Cool Guy Kit: The RAF Aircrew Knife as Used by the SAS

British RAF MK3 Aircrew Emergency Knife

The movie ‘6 Days’ chronicles the events of April 1980 when armed gunmen stormed the Iranian embassy in London and took hostages. Sit down for the next part cause it’s a shocker: the gunmen were an Iranian Arab group that were pissed about things and figured the best way to go about it was to take some civilians hostage and threaten to kill em and stuff. While the Middle East has been on fire for a century, this was bringing the craziness right to London proper. Long story short: the whacky Iranians killed a hostage and the British SAS stormed the building, wasted all but one of the bad dudes, and saved everybody in what was called Operation Nimrod. It was a watershed moment for the SAS and brought this long and storied group into the modern limelight. It also became the spark that ignited the fire of modern special counter terrorism training by the world’s elite forces.

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