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Archive for April, 2013

Starlingear: How It’s Made. (Behind the scenes!)

Your pals at Monkey Edge thought we would give you a quick behind the scenes look at what exactly goes into the making of a Starlingear piece.



As you may or may not know, many of the big silver artists have little to do with their product lines. They have made the decision to pump out quantity and for that, many are produced in a factory like method.

Many of our customers ask us: “Hey, I want XYZ Starlingear piece and why can’t you just order it for me?”  Well, we could give you a very long answer to that.  The short one is that Ryk Maverick of Starlingear has always wanted to keep his vision pure, and constantly reinforce the value of hand craftsmanship. He refuses to compromise quality for quantity. So, here is a really quick look inside what goes into even a ‘simple’ Starlingear piece.

Welcome to the Monkey Edge Blog: News From the Edge!

Hey Guys -Pardon our dust while we get this new site squared away.

You might be asking  ‘What in the hell do we need a blog for?’ Well we figure it would just be another resource to add to our growing library of goodness. Soon we’ll be breaking down all of our social media stuff for Monkey Edge like this:

Monkey Edge Blog: The blog will be a more in depth resource to provide information and insight into the world of products we carry at Monkey Edge. This is where will post ‘how-to’s’, in depth product information, technical and materials information, etc. Think of it as the Wikipedia of all things that we deal with at Monkey Edge!

Twitter: Twitter will serve as our product update feed. We will post when new items are added or restocked there. It is nice, quick, and easy.

Facebook: Facebook will be our way of communicating with you and to give you a glimpse into the hijinks and happenings at the Monkey HQ. Major new products, visiting guests, etc.

So, sit back and we will start to get to work bringing you all the goodness!


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