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How to Shoot Photos the Monkey Way – Part I – An Introduction and “The Rules”

Light Science and Magic Book Cover

I get asked a ton about the pictures on Monkey Edge (how I shoot them, equipment, etc) which is flattering, and a bit embarrassing at the same time. Truth is, 5 years ago, I knew not a single thing about photography. Like most folks, I had a decent camera, shot in auto mode, and had the big light box thingie with some constant on lights. Getting from “there” to “here” was a long, frustrating, expensive, process. Hopefully, this series will make it less so to anybody that is going down the same path.

Whether this series helps an enthusiast, a knife maker, or even a competing retailer, I am still happy to do it. Those that pretend that photography is a series of secrets or something are just assholes. I have made the analogy that photography is like being a chef: a master chef can take a person in and show them the recipe, show them the tools, and even show them how to prepare a dish, and it will still be a TON of work and learning before the person can even begin to approach the quality that the master chef has. By the way, I don’t consider myself…
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