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A Look at Knife Rights LegalBlade App for iOS and Android

Knife Rights LegalBlade Homescreen

In a perfect world freedom and common sense would prevail and we could all go about our lives in a responsible manner able to carry the tools that we see fit. However, as we all know, the world is far from perfect. While there have been victories, there are still plenty of places that have laws on the books that can cause the every day carry person trouble.

What is scary about knife laws, is that in many cases they are confusing, ambiguous, or just plain strange. A half of inch of blade length, a sharpened upper swedge grind, how it is carried, etc. can all lead to the uninformed being jammed up over what we as “knife people” see as the smallest of details. Now apply that across the 50 states and local municipalities therein, and you can see that you would have to be the Rainman of knife laws to keep them straight.

Fortunately, Knife Rights has put this information literally at your fingertips with their Knife Rights LegalBlade app that is available for both Apple iOS and Android platforms. It provides an interface to view at a glance the laws of any…
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