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Monkey Edge Limited Edition Releases and Checkout – An Abrasive Yet Helpful Guide

SO, you want to snag that super cool, limited edition knife we have coming in, huh? Well, we have some pointers that you might want to be aware of to help you have the best chance of grabbing some gear. Note, this is gonna get SUPER in depth. If you can’t feel bothered to read this, keep that in mind next time you want to gripe at us because you missed a knife release. 

First and foremost, there is a fundamental truth you need to understand: There are going to be more people that want that limited item than the quantity we will have to sell. That means, SOME PEOPLE are not going to get a knife. You need to come to terms with this right now, before you go any further. If you can’t, you should close this tab and delete your shortcuts to, and just blacklist any emails or methods of stumbling upon our site. The sooner you understand that there is no guarantee you will get the item you are looking for, the sooner you will be ready to try. At the end of the day, there are a lot of folks trying to get the…
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Monkey Muster II: Primate Empire After Action Report



In late 2012, after 15 years of being in business, we were lucky enough to finally be able to purchase a commercial building. A couple of my goofball buddies said: “Hey, we should have a party to celebrate.”

Which to me meant: “Hey Brady, buy a bunch of drinks and food, and we will come over and dispose of them.”

Well, word started getting around, and knifemaker buddies started saying they would come and bring some knives. At some point, it turned into a full on event and was a great time. We had incredible support from knifemakers in bringing out great stuff. After our first Muster in 2013, people were asking about “next year”.

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