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What is sharp? Is thicker stock better? A ground level view of blade geometry and choosing the right tool for the job.

Which blade is better? The real question is

Disclaimer: I am not a knife maker, did not even stay at a Holiday Inn Express, and truth be told, I’m not even that bright.

This is not meant to be a master’s thesis (people spend their whole lives dedicated to learning the intricacies of blade geometry). This is meant as a “101 level” look to answer some of the questions we get here at Monkey Edge.

Why is my knife not as sharp as (insert another knife here)?

I want thicker stock because it is “stronger”. What is “better”: brand x or y?  What is “better”: a tanto or spearpoint?

We get questions like these every single day. As with many things in life, the answers are not so simple. Also, just like things in life, the answers are really a series of trade offs.


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